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The Saver Package

12 month Payment Plan

Use the PayPal form below to set up your 12 month payment plan to pay for this video package.

There is a 3.5% fee in order to use this payment plan. The total amount you pay for this package will be increased from £899.00 to £930.48.

This payment plan consists of 12 regular monthly payments of £58.79.
£58.79 x 12 = £705.48
£705.48 + £225.00 (your deposit) = £930.48

Please note that if you cancel this payment plan before the 12 payments have been made, AB Wedding Videos has the right to cancel the booking, and keep any payments that have already been made, including the deposit that was paid on booking.

By clicking "Buy Now" below, you agree to these terms.

Click "Buy Now" and PayPal will give you instructions on how to start your payment plan. Thank you!

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